What is an Eco-friendly cleaning service

What is an Eco-friendly cleaning service

Eco-friendly cleaning service:  what does that mean to consumers?

Periodically while we are visiting with a client or a prospective client the subject of what is an eco-friendly cleaning service comes up.  Before I answer I always ask to see what lurks under the kitchen sink…what potions and poisons can we find there.  Inevitably we find the all-purpose cleaner filled with all sorts of poison control chemicals, the cleanser with chlorine bleach, the drain-o with lord knows what in it, the synthetic allergy causing air “fresheners”, the window cleaning with side of ammonia, bug pesticides, and all sorts of other toxic chemicals.  The thing I always find most puzzling is why is the cabinet child-proof?  Aren’t we simply going to take those products out from under the sink and spray them in the home anyway?  Is there a belief that when they are in smaller doses somehow they just aren’t bad for you?  Spraying chemicals on your kitchen counter to clean spilled food seems almost counter-intuitive doesn’t it?

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So again the question is “What is an eco-friendly cleaning service”:  Is it that they don’t use harsh chemicals to clean clients homes and offices…sure!  Do they concern themselves with sustainability in their community?  Do they operate their business with sustainability at the forefront of their mind ensuring that not only cleaning products but also tools/equipment are more sustainable…good question!   Do these companies see themselves as an authority on all things environmentally friendly?  What about helping to educate the community on the perils of using toxic cleaning products?  What about becoming a voice in the  broader discussion on the perils of Agra-businesses on sustainable farming and the health of the population?  A buy local advocate?  Well at Dream2clean eco-friendly cleaning service we absolutely see these things as our responsibility.  We don’t want to just be a cleaning company for you, we want to foster education on all things eco-friendly and help our community to become more sustainable one person at a time.

How can you we help you and how can you help the community become more sustainable and involved in protecting our resources?  We would love to hear from you…please leave your comments below.




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