Sell House Cleaning Service to Your Spouse, Friend, or?

Sell House Cleaning Service to Your Spouse, Friend, or?

The other day I was thinking about what I needed in order to keep the house clean then I remembered that I own a cleaning business.  Unfortunately you don’t own a cleaning service and likely need to convince your significant other, friend, or family that its time to hire a house cleaning service.

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Ever walked into the bathroom during a visit and realized that the bathroom needs a good cleaning?  BUT, you don’t want to or worse, you cleaned it last and its time for someone else to take the responsibility so you spend 5 minutes being annoyed and attempting to formulate a solution.

You were just plugging in your phone charger and realized that there is a layer of grime building up on the outlet cover…and that makes you look at the light switch and then the corner of the walls (where everyone has rubbed their daily grime) and THEN you realize the baseboards haven’t been cleaned in 6 months.  Now you are annoyed and just wasted 5 minutes of your life worrying about cleaning baseboards.

Or you jump in the shower and realized your cohabitant is super lazy and never squeegees the glass when done showering.  Oh man now there are spots on the glass along with the soap scum.  Who is going to clean the shower and when?  Now you are annoyed and will never get that 5 minutes of your life back.

Or you walk into the kitchen without socks on and by the time you walk out you feel like you are walking on crumb slippers.  GROSS…and now you are annoyed why no one can sweep without your “guidance”.   That is another 5 minutes of life you will never get back.

How do you convince your spouse, friend, or family that its time to hire a cleaning company?

  • First and likely the most important reason is to have you relax and stop giving cleaning “advice”.   Ask them if their sanity is important…”I have a great way to stop my “cleaning advice”…hire dream2clean.”
  • OK so you don’t need any other reasons…that usually is enough to get most folks to agree with you but if not here are a few more ideas.
    • Hiring a cleaning service will give us more time to spend doing the things we enjoy…hike, read a book, ski, dancing, fishing, or just enjoying time together.
    • Hiring a cleaning service will lower our life stress.  There is a lot to do every week and adding cleaning to your to do list is simply one more thing stretching your time and causing unnecessary stress.  “You will feel relieved when you have professional house cleaning done.”
    • Our home will be healthier.  Hiring an eco-friendly house cleaning service will help to put viruses and bacteria on the defensive while not putting a bunch of nasty chemicals in your indoor air.  Less dust in the home equals healthier respiratory system.  Healthier kids.  More comfortable home…
    • What is your time worth?

Hiring a professional house cleaning service is a difficult, stressful, and its an important decision.  You want to hire a service that understands the above and then can execute your cleaning without creating more stress in your home.  At Dream2clean we do all the hardwork before you ever call:  proper hiring and training, proper background checks, solid quality control processes, and simple processes for your scheduling and billing.  At Dream2clean we understand these things and are focused on making your life a bit less stressful.  Call us today (775-453-6322) or click here for more information.

And please call us quickly if you are wearing crumb slippers as you read this…we want to help.

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