Janitorial Service

Janitorial Service

What should you look for in a Janitorial service – Integrity

Are you confident that your janitorial service has done its due diligence in their hiring practices?  E-verify is a free Government supported website where employers can identify a prospective employees right to work in the United States.  Simply running the potential employees provided social security and DOB through the e-verify system will identify folks that are not in the country legally.  Why is this important?  Your office has a lot of potential risks; your clients information, financial data, equipment, supplies, and other at risk data.   Failing to take this step can mean employees of having false identities working in your facilities.  Clearly this puts your facility and data at risk unnecessarily.  No E-verify, no background checks, don’t hire that company.

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Insured properly

Is your cleaning company covered by Workers Compensation Insurance?  There is a strong possibility that your Janitorial service is using “independent contractors” to conduct the cleaning vs. employees.   Basically meaning that the Independent contractor is responsible for their own insurance and likely this is not being verified by your provider.  Request a certificate of insurance and ask your provider if they use employees or Independent Contractors.

General Liability insurance?  What happens if your provider causes a flood/fire/etc in your facility?  If they do not have proper General Liability Insurance your company would be responsible for the damages.  Have your janitorial service provide a certificate of insurance.  If no General Liability Insurance you should move on to the next companies bid.

Cleaning without toxic chemicals

It is a common misconception that Janitorial service companies all use harsh chemicals to clean.  The reality is that there are a growing number of effective non-toxic cleaning products that allow us to do an excellent job cleaning while keeping your facility free of toxins.  Why is this important?  Read our blog on the impacts of toxins on the immune system.  We use only green seal certified products or natural compounds that are excellent oxidizers to handle our cleaning needs.  Further we use HEPA filtered vacuums.

Personalized Janitorial service

Professional cleaning services will want to meet with you at your facility, discuss your cleaning challenges, needs, and wants and will then put together a personalized cleaning program.   Does your cleaning service have experience with all facets of facility maintenance; general cleaning, floor maintenance, window cleaning, and others?  Great question to ask your janitorial service

Flexibility in Scheduling

Every office requires a different frequency of cleaning.  High traffic office require daily cleaning while lower traffic offices might only need once a week.  Your Janitorial service should offer flexibility which works well with your needs and not their own.

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