Janitorial Service: Are you going to pay for what you are getting?

Janitorial Service: Are you going to pay for what you are getting?

There are literally millions of companies operating in the cleaning sphere and calling themselves Janitorial Service Providers, Maid Services, Cleaning services, Housekeeping services, or the like. The reality is that 900,000 of them are independents (some of which are really great at cleaning) that operate on the fringes of what is legal and frankly ethical. Lets put this in a bit of perspective shall we…
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You decide Friday evening you are going out for dinner…you call and place your reservation…you get all dressed up…and you head down to the restaurant. You arrive, the host greets you with a smile, is well presented, and is professional; she immediately seats you. Over comes the waiter…gets your sparkling water…covers the wine list and the specials for the evening…you are thrilled about the quality of the service to this point. Great ambiance, great date, great wine! Meanwhile unknown things lurk where you don’t see them; the restaurant has numerous health code violations…food left out un-refrigerated, meat that has outlived its life expectancy has been served to patrons, the cleanliness of the kitchen was sited, and other germane issues. The owner hasn’t renewed his state business license as required, his unemployment insurance is overdue 2 qtrs, and he is about to see his Workers Compensation insurance canceled due to non payment. Worse still the owner hires whomever applies for his staff having done no background checks, doesn’t know what E-verify is, and doesn’t follow the Federal Governments I-9 requirements so who really knows who is back in the kitchen cooking or for that matter who the person serving your food is.
The rest of the evening goes well…you have what you consider to be a great meal, great conversation, great wine…and the Pièce de résistance the desert…a coconut lemon cake topped off with the finest cappuccino. The next day you write a little story on your Social channel about your experience. Then the flood of remarks; did you know, what about this, or how about that. You are shocked and frankly a little more than dismayed that you ate there last night.
How rarely does one go to a restaurant that wasn’t checked out prior to going, i.e, reviews online, recommendations by others, or heard buzz about on social channels? Rare to say the least.
Consider this: 75% of Janitorial service companies, Maid Services, Housekeepers, etc. are unlicensed, unbonded, and uninsured. Many cleaning services don’t utilize E-verify to identify the legal status of the employees nor background check the people they are about to hire (its free by the way). Most are paid minimum wage, some are hired as independent contractors by the janitorial service meaning they don’t even work for the company that sends them to your home/office – aka not bonded or insured or background checked. You are about to allow someone into your home or office that you truly don’t know and have an expectation that the company you are hiring has done their due diligence.
How can you avoid these things? Ask the questions you find in this video:

Asking the right questions before hiring a cleaning service (or any service) is important. Protect yourself from the possibilities and hire a janitorial service that is licensed, bonded, insured, and has a great staff of great employees. Call us today to learn more about our serivce: 775-453-6322

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