Waste of a good life?

Waste of a good life?

I was just sitting here pondering how much time is wasted every year doing things that either don’t need to be done or could be done by someone else (at a cost).  For example mowing the grass.  Few repair their own appliances, even fewer play with electrical wiring in their home, and even fewer are willing to clean out the septic tank.  In some cases it makes sense to have experts do things for us because we don’t have the skills to do it.  In other cases we simply don’t want to do it but could if we chose to, i.e., lawn care.

Speaking of a waste of a good life:

The Average American spends 43 days a year watching TV?  Are you kidding me…43 days?  Not 8 hour days…24hr days…43 of them.  Imagine what we could accomplish if we just eliminated TV all together.  There would be no end to the ideas, the productivity, or the success we would have.

Keeping a clean home is important to your health and the health of your loved ones.  But can you imagine spending 14 days (336hrs) a year cleaning?  If you are 21 years old and live to 80…that is 2.2 years of your life spent cleaning!?!?  No thank you I’ll just hire dream2clean.

Women Spend an average of 13.65 days a

Food for your proverbial thought:  what is your time worth to you?  What is your leisure time worth to you?  Are you a professional billing @$300/hr, a massage therapist making $50/hr, or a business owner that has unlimited hourly pay rates?  The bottom line is you must know what your time is worth before you can make a decision to “delegate” household items.

It makes sense to hire a plumber to do the plumbing because you likely aren’t good at it.  When does it make sense to hire a cleaning company that charges $25-35/hr to clean your home?  The answer is rather simple…when your time is more valuable than the cost associated with the chore. Mowing grass in Reno, NV is a $20-40 weekly expense.  Is it worth it to not spend Saturday or Sunday mowing, edging, and trimming?  Yes because my earning power is worth more than the cost associated with the task.  That time could be spent either increasing my earning power or simply enjoying life to its fullest.  After all you only have one life and spending it doing things that aren’t enjoyable (some might debate me on this) is a waste of a good life.

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