Your Mothers Cleaning Products are Killing…

Your Mothers Cleaning Products are Killing…

Your mother’s cleaning products are killing…your family, the environment, and our collective future…cue the horror film music.  Consider that most of us buy what mom used in the house.  If she shined her wood furniture with pledge then we have pledge in our house, how about Mr. Clean with his shiny bald head telling us how to clean our floors, or Comet that green mist cleanser for our sinks.  We’ve never stopped to ask what’s in those products that could be causing cancers, or autism rates to increase from 1 in 88 two years ago to now 1 in 68 kids, much less to discuss the myriad of other health issues that are caused by the chemicals in our products.


I began considering these issues 5 years ago almost immediately after leaving my job in a large corporation.  Summer of 2009 I was unemployed by request of my sanity…spent the summer discovering this new place called Facebook (and playing a couple of video games).  Was amazed by who I could connect with and how quickly you could get a message to 100’s (or even 1000’s) of people.  I became quite health conscious that summer and started working out after about a 19 year absence from taking care of myself…funny how that coincided with my corporate tenure…but I digress.  At the same time I was considering starting a cleaning company, after all I was raised by an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for those not in the know) mother and a father in the military, cleaning was simply in my deep conscious.  Woke up one day and said to my beautiful wife I’m going to start a cleaning company…I don’t recall the exact expression but I assure you it was one of genuine amazement.

The look of amazement soon gave way to a resolve that I meant what I said and that I was going to start a cleaning company with simply NO idea what the hell I was doing.  First order of business…what makes us different from the literally 1000’s that are out there doing it everyday and have been for decades.  The established cleaning companies, those that have been using chemical cleaners for decades.  You know the smells…you walk into a building and you smell bleach (sodium hypochlorite)  and lemon cleaner (synthetic lemon).  Well I was sure I didn’t want to be like them so I set out on an odyssey to figure out how to be different.

Facebook was an unbelievable source of information…friends were posting articles about organic foods and the need to label them, oh and the entire Obamacare debate that was raging online, it became clear the next phase of consumer consciousness was going to be home chemicals; cleaning products, plastics, makeup, fragrances, and a number of other things.  Found an organization on Facebook called Safer Chemicals,, Healthy Familiies and began to read…at first I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  After all the commercials you watch portray this very safe cleaner that gets rid of the bacteria and viruses and leaves the home smelling lemony fresh.

FDA Regulates 5 of 84,000 chemicals

While these chemicals do a fine job killing viruses and bacteria they are also doing a fine job of creating disease in our lives.  From Cancers, to disorders, to asthma.  Did you know that only 200 of the 84000 known chemicals in use today have been tested for the health implications for humans?  Exactly my response; pure and utter amazement.  You mean that we have chemicals in everything from household cleaners to carpet to paint to car wax to wood floor polishes to perfumes to makeup to the plastics we use in our kitchens to the styrofoam in our refrigerator that is made with chemicals that haven’t been tested?


This realization led me down a path of enlightenment.  I continued to read and realized that if I was going to launch a cleaning company it wouldn’t be one where my team had to use untested chemicals daily as if they were lab rats.  And that was it…eco-friendly…people friendly cleaning products…not necessarily different as many cleaning companies were enlightened already.  What makes us different is that we made the choice not as a marketing ploy but rather made the choice for the safety and future of our team members.

I ask you to do your research, I ask you to ask yourself if you are willing to place the health of your family in the hands of the CEO of a major chemical company?  Lastly I ask you one simple question:

If you are locking your cabinet under the sink to prevent the kids from being poisoned why are you then pulling out those same products and spraying them in the air, on your floors, and on your counters?


What makes dream2clean different is that we care about our teams health and frankly that of our clients.  If we can change one mind to switch to other cleaners that are better for their health then our mission has been accomplished today.  Want to learn more about using safe products read our other blog posts on the subject by clicking here.

We cannot completely avoid chemicals today but we can begin to change our habits…if not for our own health than for our childrens.  Tell me again about your mothers cleaning products?

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