Wax on…Wax off

Wax on…Wax off

How many times have you left a candle burning during a party and viola it gets that lovely opening in the side and the wax runs down the side onto the furniture and maybe even onto the carpet?

The Karate kid has nothing on candle wax! It is tough to get out of most everything it melts to but if you know the tricks you can kick its behind.

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How to remove Wax


  • Get an ice pack out of the freezer and place it on the wax you are trying to remove.
  • Once nice and cold chip away at the wax with something that isn’t sharp.  You don’t want to damage the surface you are trying to remove the wax from.  Plastic scrappers are good but again be careful not to gouge the surface you are cleaning.
  • If wax residueisleft behind on wood furniture you can try a couple of things:
    • Use some furniture wax and rub the area to remove the residue or
    • Use a blow dryer to warm (not heat…and don’t get the dryer too close to the surface) the surface and melt the wax…then simply wipe up and repeat the above using furniture wax/polish.


    • Use the ice method above first to get the majority of wax out of the carpet
    • Take a paper grocery bag and place over the residual wax left on the carpet
    • Take an iron on a medium heat and place it on the paper bag…the goal is to not start a fire with the paper bag but to warm the wax and have it transfer from the carpet to the paper bag.  Repeat as many times as need to remove the remaining wax.
    • This is a great method for removing wax from tablecloths as well.


    • Fill the glass with boiling hot water.  Let sit for 15 minutes to cool.
    • Remove the wax that floated and any remaining wax in the bottom by gently removing with a knife or other blunt item.
    • Fill the glass a second time with boiling water.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  Pour out the hot water and immediately wipe with a dry paper towel.  Repeat as necessary to get a perfectly cleaned glass jar.

    Removing wax simply requires that you use the hot and cold methods depending on which is better in your circumstances.  Don’t be afraid to ask us if you have a special situation.


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