Toxic Cleaning Chemicals are Killing Your Kids (and you)

Toxic Cleaning Chemicals are Killing Your Kids (and you)

If you know me, you know that I can be a bit of a neat freak. I don’t like clutter. And, I’ll admit it makes me happy to walk into a room where everything is in its place and clean. But, most importantly, I hold a special place for a true chemical-free, green, clean home.

About five years ago my wife and I started Dream2clean. We wanted to offer high-quality cleaning services with an environmental consciousness. One of our first clients triggered our focus on environmentally friendly cleaning. I learned that our client was a mother of two small children who were asthmatic, had breathers and were taking treatments. She’d had them poked and prodded to determine the cause, to no avail. She quite simply was having no luck figuring out why they they were suffering with this condition.

Toxic cleaning chemicals and your kids

After taking one look under her sink (which was locked as most are) I made my own prognosis. Not only were those scrubs, sprays and solutions bad for the environment, they were surely contributing to the family’s breathing problems and, ultimately, ticking away at their lifespan. Fact is, many common cleaning supplies are actually full of harmful chemicals that have never been tested for human consumption. Hence the locked cupboard. For more on this click here.

Did you know children are more susceptible to the harmful effects
of these untested products? Click here for some astounding facts.

You probably think you’re keeping your children safe by locking those poisons up, but what is the first thing you do when you pull them out from their locked hiding place? That’s right, you spray, wash or wipe those surfaces with the very products that were locked up. And, who spends a good portion of the day in contact with those surfaces? By doing this, you’re essentially exposing them slowly to the adverse nature of the toxic product. And, let’s not even mention that lingering “fresh” scent in the air you’re breathing containing synthetic chemicals made to smell “lemon fresh” … Well, actually we will delve into this scary aspect, but that will come later.

Bottom line, in these past five years we’ve learned a lot about clean living. We’ve continued to evolve the way we do business to keep our associates and clients out of harms way. In 2015, we will share our clean living philosophies through product considerations and call-to-actions. Our goal is to help those of you who would truly like to make healthy lifestyle changes that will benefit you, your family and the environment. With small steps now, your home can be healthier for you and your little people (and your four-legged friends).

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