Mama Knows Best. Or, Does She? – Wipe Out Traditional & Toxic Cleaning Habits

Mama Knows Best. Or, Does She? – Wipe Out Traditional & Toxic Cleaning Habits

I love my mother, as most people do, but to say she was a little OCD would be putting it mildly.  It was because of her that I gained the passion for keeping things clean and organized. From a young age, she instilled (aka… OCD’d) the importance of a clean home and I will be forever grateful for her passing on that gene.shutterstock_65613790 copy

While there are many valid, important, life-changing lessons that your mom taught you, there may be a few you need to throw right out the chemically cleaned window.  I hear time and time again, “I use (insert toxic cleaning product here) because that’s what my mom used and it’s always worked for our family.” Well, I have one question for you…

If your mom asked you to jump off a bridge, would you?  Because, that’s basically what you’re doing – in an extended form – by using the toxic cleaners of yesteryear. Don’t believe me?  Check out this link from the Environmental Protection Agency which provides some mind-blowing facts about the toxic chemicals in your home.

In the 21st century, we need to embrace the natural products available for our cleaning pleasure.  Here are two myths from mom that must be debunked:

“Bleach is your best friend.”

She likely used bleach to clean just about everything.  Clothes.  Floors.  Bathtubs.  Toys.  You name it.  While it’s a killer of bacteria (and human life as we know it), it doesn’t actually wash anything away.  And, once it’s killing ability is gone, new bacteria join the party to feast on the waste left behind.

Excerpt: While using bleach will certainly kill the germs on your kitchen counter or in your tub, it is also hazardous to the environment after it’s washed down the drain, as well as to your health if the room you’re working in isn’t properly ventilated.

“The more you use, the cleaner it is!”

Overuse of chemical concentrates is equally bad for the environment, you and your family’s health, and your cleaning effort. When these nasty toxic products are used in excess, they actually ATTRACT more dirt.  When chemicals dry or evaporate, they typically leave behind residue.  Since many chemicals are designed to bond with dirt, that residue, in turn, becomes a magnet for more.

Excerpt: Residues pose not only a health and safety risk to building occupants, but they can also be one of the major factors behind why buildings degrade before their time. Cleaning with environmentally preferable solutions, such as free-rinsing cleaners or equally as effective yet far kinder to the environment technologies such as steam vapor, are easy ways you can begin to eliminate these health and safety risks.   

These are just a few of those common quotes that need to disappear from the parenting script of life.  Stay tuned for many more fictitious cleaning fables you may have learned.  Let’s pass on a cleaner, greener way to live to our children and generations to come.

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