Easy as Apple Pie! Beating the Toxic Oven Cleaner Blues.

Easy as Apple Pie! Beating the Toxic Oven Cleaner Blues.

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There once was a girl from Nantucket, Who wanted to clean from a nontoxic bucket.

She threw away all the chemical junk, While still ridding her oven of funk, Now she’s got her health and her spunk!

Okay, okay … maybe I’m a bit playful today, but let’s chat about those oven cleaner blues.  And, by blues I mean the pure dismay and sad discomfort caused by corrosive alkalis, otherwise known as the poisonous ingredient in many common oven cleaners.

According to about.com, oven cleaner is one of the most dangerous cleaning products out there.  Excerpt: Some oven cleaners contain sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, which are extremely corrosive strong bases.  These chemicals can be deadly if swallowed.  They can cause chemical burns on the skin or in the lungs if the fumes are inhaled.

Like many of the other toxic cleaning products we’ve already discussed (Side note: If you haven’t read them already, you should definitely check out my previous blogs.), oven cleaners are very, very bad for you.  The kicker? You are using these products to clean the same appliance that you cook your food in!  Let’s think about what happens after their destructive properties abolish the gunk and grime.

They intensify when you turn up the heat!

Now that warm apple pie has an unfamiliar essence that, you guessed it, is BAD for you and the other unlucky house guests you invited over for a treat.  So, here’s an idea.  Let’s use some common ingredients you already have in the kitchen to get rid of that nasty residue.

All it takes is baking soda, water, rubber gloves, a damp dishcloth, plastic or silicone spatula, spray bottle and some white vinegar. In a nutshell, you need to remove the oven racks, create a baking soda paste, coat the oven and let it sit overnight. After your morning coffee, you use the spatula to scrape the baking soda off and spray with vinegar.  Let that sit for a bit, then wipe down for a shiny finish.  You can get all the nitty-gritty details here.

Here’s to a green, clean oven.  And, don’t forget the à la mode.

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