Just Breathe: How Chlorine-laced Cleaning Chemicals are Harming You

Just Breathe: How Chlorine-laced Cleaning Chemicals are Harming You

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Everyone do it with me.  Take a deep breath in.  Now exhale.  Feels good right?

Well, if you’re in a room with chlorine and a slew of toxins (a.k.a. conventional cleaning products) circulating around, you might feel a different way. Personally, I would urge you to go outside immediately and clear that junk from your lungs.

Chlorine is often included in cleaning products because it prevents bacteria from growing in water.  You’ll find it in bleach, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, swimming pool water and chlorine tablets used in swimming pools.  Should you happen to inhale or, by some unfortunate timing or accident, swallow the stuff, it could result in this nasty condition called chlorine poisoning. For more scientific mumbo jumbo on the way this happens, click here.

What does that mean for your body, your temple and your way of life?

Well … you might want to be prepared for difficulty breathing, throat swelling and pain, pulmonary edema (it sounds serious, because it is), loss of vision, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, collapsing blood vessels, necrosis of the skin, and, you called it, sometimes even death. For more bad news related to this, check this out.

Wondering what comes next? Generally it’s chlorine poisoning. Excerpt: Once you’ve been admitted to the hospital, doctors may also give you activated charcoal, medications, intravenous fluids, or oxygen in order to help ease symptoms and rid your body of the chlorine.

You might require a breathing tube if you are having trouble breathing. Doctors might use a special tool to view your throat and determine if you have serious burns in your airways or lungs. Additionally, a tube may need to be inserted into your stomach to empty all the contents.

If your skin has been affected, medical staff may need to wash your skin for several hours. Surgical removal of affected skin may be necessary if your skin is severely damaged.

That sure seems like a lot of pain and suffering that could simply be avoided by using green cleaning solutions.  Why gamble with your family’s health when you could easily kill that bacteria with other methods?

If you’re yearning to learn how to incorporate natural products that won’t harm your family, you definitely want to check out this blog: Knock Out the Toxins with DIY Green Cleaning Products and stay tuned for more helpful tips.

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