You have questions – we have answers:
Is Dream2clean Insured:  We carry General Liability insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance as required by law, and our teams are bonded against theft.
Free Estimates: Yes we will gladly come to your home or business and provide a specially tailored cleaning proposal at no cost to you.

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How is your team trained:  We have developed a cleaning process over the years and have a multi-faceted training program that is centered on executing consistently from one cleaner to the next.  From Video training, to on-the-job hands on training, to written training manuals, to a certification process once all training is complete.  Our goal is to provide excellent cleaners for your home and office.
What products do you use:  We use only natural cleaning products and tools with no toxic chemicals that would harm our teams, your loved ones, or your pets.
Why does professional cleaning cost more:  Hiring a professional company means you get all the above, plus a company that pays its taxes, unemployment insurance, has all the proper licensing required by the state and city, and provides a qualified cleaning associate.  Doing the right thing for our clients and employees comes with a cost thus increases the cost of cleaning.  Hiring a person off craigslist (or other sites like them) can initially be cheaper but the long term costs can far outweigh any savings.  We are driven to be a professional cleaning company that operates with integrity.  Integrity comes with a cost and our clients appreciate that about our organization.
How do you hire your associates:  We use a number of avenues to identify potential associates.  Out of 100 applicants we interview just a few.  Out of that few we hire only 1.  They are subjected to a background check as well as drug/alcohol tests prior to being hired.  Further every prospective associate is run through the E-verify system to ensure they are legally able to work in the United States.  Again, our goal is to provide a quality associate for our clients.
Do you have Managers/Leads:  We have Client Managers in all the segments of our business.  We also have trainers within each segment to ensure our teams are able to meet our standards by following our cleaning processes.  Lastly each team has a lead associate responsible for the overall performance of the cleaning.