Vacation Rental Cleaning

Dream2clean is quickly becoming the premier vacation rental cleaning firm for the North Lake Tahoe market. With our use of tablet technology in the field we are able to provide you our client with timely communication on the conditions of your properties including pictures of the issues so that you can address them to the appropriate party. Our goal is to ensure we conduct a quality clean every time we go into one of your properties which is why our extensive checksheet was developed. Our teams complete this online checksheet at each property. When completed an email copy is sent to your designated person to action. This lets your key personnel know the clean is complete and what needs the home has that need to be addressed.

vacation rental cleaning


Dream2clean has developed a video training programs for our team. This program is used to certify all cleaners on our cleaning process/systems ensuring consistent cleaning from one team member to the next. Even our newest team members are able to execute a quality clean simply by following our training program and the utilization of our vacation rental cleaning checksheet. Couple this with our quality control program and you get state of the art, detailed communication, and a high quality cleaning every time.

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